Your security is our top priority

We are a highly secure financial technology company.

To accomplish this, we employ a zero-trust philosophy in everything we do and build. In addition, we use best-in-class, bank grade encryption and security standards to protect our customers. So pay as you go for anything, anytime, anywhere with peace of mind.


We use the combination of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all service communications. Your data is protected in motion and at rest.


We use WebAuthn and trusted social logins like Google. This provides a seamless user experience and eliminates password attacks.


We continuously monitor all transactions that flow through our infrastructure to mitigate fraud and to protect you from unauthorized charges.

Powered by AI

UKey is an AI native payments platform. With appropriate human supervision, our AI models provide an extraordinary user experience in every aspect of payments while ensuring privacy and security.

Data transparency

We never share nor sell your information to third party services. In addition, we are building easy-to-use privacy controls to manage your personal information.

Disable anytime

Instantly disable your account at anytime if you think your account is compromised. But rest assured that UKey will always be monitoring to keep your account secure.

Safety best practices

Follow online secuirty best practices and ensure that your personal information is protected across all the services you use. Here are some common practices to help you get started.

Secure your mobile device by creating a passcode
Secure your social login with two-factor authentication
Beware of scams. UKey support team will never ask for your password

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UKey Inc. is a financial technology company, not a bank.