Boost loyalty with pay no walls.

Provide pay-per-use experiences and boost customer acquisitions with AI powered payments infrastructure.

Music lover buying a time bounded pass for under a dollar

Complement subscriptions with time bound passes.

Dynamic pricing engine can present the right price based on consumer attributes

Maximize Revenue

AI powered dynamic pricing engine helps maximize your revenue based on consumer attributes.

Biometric authentication powered universal login

Universal Login

Secure biometric authentication to tap into a global community of consumers ready to sip content.

Save up to 80% on processing fees

NFC and QR code based payments without credit cards and high fees

Tap on phone payments

Contactless and cashless vending and renting of low priced services like soda, laundromats, and parking.

Accept micro tips to recover from adblock losses

Donations and micro tips

Delight donors and accept donations and micro tips without incurring high card fees.

Native integration with all major platforms

Use our growing list of integrated widgets for publishing and ecommerce platforms — from Medium to Shopify.

UKey integration with medium
UKey integration with wordpress
UKey integration with ghost
UKey integration with shopify

No-code, low-code, and fully customizable

Single tag to integrate ukey

It's super simple. With a single tag, you can enable pay-per-use experiences.

Use our plugins for a complete no-code solution
Drop a script and a tag for a simple low-code solution
Take full control with our developer-first SDKs and API

Setup your account and start accepting payments

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Use your sandbox account to test payments for your digital assets and services.


Provide details about your business to verify your account for regulatory purposes.

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Promote your account to production and start accepting payments with UKey.

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