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Maximize savings and rewards on each purchase. Join a global community shopping smarter with UKey!

Money super app

Save on every purchase
Get discounts and rewards
Send and receive money
Buy now, pay later
Manage digital assets
UKey is a money super app
Lightning fast, in-store, contactless payments

In-store payments

Enjoy fast, secure tap-to-pay at hundreds of locations. Save money and earn instant rewards.

Fun social payments

Scan and split bills. Settling up with friends is as easy as fist bumping

Fun social payments

Security you can trust

Safety and protection

We use best-in-class, bank grade security to safeguard your data. And our AI native payments OS continuously monitors your transactions to mitigate fraud.

Privacy controls

We provide easy-to-use privacy controls and transparency on how your data is used. In fact, at UKey, we never share nor sell your information to third party services.



Buy research papers, news articles, and other digital content without being compelled into long-term subscriptions

More bang for your buck

Buy hourly passes to stream
Tip your favorite musician
Donate to a cause
Consume content, ads-free
More bang for your buck

How do I get started?

Use your mobile number to get started and connect your bank account. That's it!

How does UKey Micro work?

You can use UKey to pay for digital assets and services at participating merchants. Pay your bill at the end of each statement cycle — just like paying your utility bill.

I have more questions

Please email us at! We’re excited to hear from you.

Join a global community shopping smarter with UKey!


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