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Payments fabric of the internet

We are making the original web monetization model a reality. Our patent pending, AI native tech solves the issue with high transaction costs a.k.a. interchange fees.

UKey empowers businesses to provide flexible and affordable pay-per-use experiences. In turn, businesses are enabling consumers to spend less and shop more.

We combine operational and tech excellence

Working together is in our DNA. We pride ourselves on being a small, tight-knit team that is passionate about what we do. With over 60 years of combined expertise in ecommerce, payments, ads, cybersecurity, and AI. We hold multiple patents in this space. And we are in a unique position to build UKey.

We are building an AI native payments platform that will unlock monetization at scale, engage in adblock recovery, and supercharge customer acquisition.


[ u-key ]


Any digital asset or service that is protected and authorized by a payment is called a ukey.

How is ukey used?

“ I need to create a ukey for my business soft skills video.

“ What are all the ukeys that I purchased last month?

Benefits of using UKey

Reduced transaction fees: Our zero trust core payments engine can save you up to 80% in transaction fees

Increased revenue: UKey's ML powered dynamic pricing engine can help you maximize your revenue

Responsible revenue recovery from ad block losses: Flexible and affordable pay-per-use experiences can gently nudge users to buy content or disable ad blockers

Boosted customer acquisition: UKey's pay-per-use model makes it easy for customers to try your content before converting into subscribers, which can help build long lasting customer relationships

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